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Illustrations for poetri book  THE ETYMOLOGY OF YOU AND ME

This anthology is for word lovers, romantic lovers, and lovers of the moon. For anyone interested in self-expansion, exploration of existence, and the universe itself, may you find both solace and joy in the linguistic play painted across these pages written in honor of my/your/our journey in the elucidation of the human experience as spiritual beings.

Illustrations for children's self-help book SHINE

You are born to be a star and have a special job of letting your light shine! Your light takes you to the places you are meant to see, the people you are meant to meet, and the things you are meant to do. But sometimes, you might get lost in the vast darkness of the galaxy. Luckily, you have a secret power as a star that guides you back to your inner light as well as the gorgeously painted mosaic of art in the sky that first welcomed you to your life.

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