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Ciao!  I am Masha Pleshakova,

an illustrator and graphic designer.


I am originally from Ukraine, the small city of Kerch located between two seas, and for the last year and a half I have been living and working in the beautiful city of Venice in Italy with my dog Shishka and cat Simon, who came with me from Crimea after the start of full-scale invasion.  


I graduated from the art academy in the city of Lviv in Ukraine in 2017, specializing in decorative arts and ceramics, this instilled in me a love for stylizations, ornaments and bright colors. While still studying I started practicing in digital art and gradually, after a series of freelance projects, I found myself in children’s book illustration, and it was love! At the moment, I have 2 published books illustrated by me in cooperation with the talented American writer Jessica Covella, these are the children's self-help book "Shine" and the poetry book "The Etymology of You and Me". And now I'm waiting for the release of my latest picture book, which will appear in two formats, a printed version and a digital version, where each page is animated using the Adobe Anime program which comes to life.

I create my illustrations using the Adobe Photoshop with a graphics tablet, I can work with vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator, I have experience in creating custom fonts, and I know the basics of book layout in Adobe Indesign and I also know the Adobe Animate program at a basic level, with which you can add a little shine and movement!  

This year I was shortlisted for the illustrator competition at the Bologna Book Fair, I hope to see you there!


Thank you for your attention!  

I will be waiting for your suggestions to my email, or any social network convenient for you:

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